Class Schedule

Puppy Socialization & Basics
Thursday 7-8pm
February 6 - March 6
Classes are $125 for 5 weeks

Basic Obedience
Thursdays 8:15-9:15pm
February 6 - March 6
Classes are $125 for 5 weeks

Upcoming Seminars
*Please call for information and dates*
Potty Training 101
Managing On-Leash Behavior

Please call Wet Noses Pet Camp at
(248) 759-4025 to register for classes

Training at Wet Noses Pet Camp

Training is not available at this time, please check back again soon.



We teach all of our classes using training methods based in positive reinforcement and modern learning theory. This approach helps build the human-animal bond, as well as improves the communication between you and your pet.Class Requirements:

Students must pre-register to guarantee a spot in class.

  • Students must supply Wet Noses Pet Camp with veterinary records including:
    • Rabies¬†¬†(6 months and older)
    • Bordetella
    • DHP
    • Negative Fecal
  • Please have your dog on a solid 6ft. leash and a flat collar. We do not use or advocate the use of punishment based training methods or tools such as: choke or pinch collars, bark collars or shock-based treatments.
  • Bring 2-3 different types of treats for use in class. Most dogs do best with soft treats cut into very small pieces.

Currently, all of our classes at Wet Noses Pet Camp are 5 weeks long (1st week is orientation, no dogs) and approximately 75 minutes, unless noted. They are also small classes, meaning that each class has no more than 5 dogs at a time.

Why small classes?

  • Smaller class size allows for more individualized attention from your trainer
  • We are able to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time
  • We can add to or tailor the lessons to the needs of each group

Training classes available: Please call (248) 759-4025 for availability

*Puppy, Beginner, and Advanced Obedience

*Puppy Play & Socialization

*Potty Training 101

*Behavior-specific classes (leash walking, confidence booting for a shy dog, teaching fun tricks, etc)

*Introducing a new addition to the family

*Children and Dogs

*Private training at Wet Noses Pet Camp or in your home